Buzet Car Race sponsored by Istrian brewery

The basic philosophy of our brand is to deliver high quality beer in best way for our customers, while we build direct relationships through various sponsorships and events.

Favorit beer, like a real favorite, comes hand-in-hand with a variety of sports activities and various events. Favorit beer can be seen in different places – in handball arenas, on bike paths, and even on the ski events. One of the events is traditional Buzetska car race, which is held in early September in the town where Istrian brewery has its headquarters.

Always surrounded by people, Favorit beer supports diversity and encourages people to be open minded, giving you a warm welcome – although it is best when served cold.

Istarska pivovara - sponzor NK Istre 1961

Social Responsibility

Since its beginnings, Istrian brewery is committed to social responsibility towards their community, through a variety of activities. Some of these activities include donations, awareness and constant commitment to improving the quality of their products and well-being of its consumers and customers as gratitude for their support and loyalty.
In addition, the entire production process is focused on environmentally friendly mode to minimize environmental pollution and increase the level of quality and satisfaction to our consumers. This is a continuous process that is constantly refined and improved. A proof of this is the IFS certification (International Food Standard), developed by German retailers to develop an international safety standard that ensures a high level of transparency throughout the supply chain of goods. With it, we can monitor the quality level of our products and constantly improve the standard.


Istarska pivovara d.o.o.

Sv. Ivan Dol 10

52420 Buzet

Tel: +385 52 662000

Fax: +385 52 662652


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Registered at: Trgovački sud u Rijeci - Stalna služba u Pazinu

Year of founding: 2008.

Registry number: 080681957

VAT number: 34031012034

Line of Business: Beer production

Owners: 100% Croatian

CEO: Davor Doko